Inflatable obstacle course leaves Kris deflated

The Colour Obstacle Rush, Wolverhampton Racecourse: Saturday 27th May 2017

So here we are, another day, another 5k. I’m still slightly nervous before these events. I’m not sure why.

On our arrival at Wolverhampton Racecourse it was quite something to be greeted by multi-coloured cornstarch flying through the air with an almost wispy quality to it. The crowd in front of stage was bouncing. The ultra-fitness fanatics leading proceedings were really into both their warm up and the whole situation; as you’d expect them to be. And After some obligatory selfies we joined the queue to begin the course.

There seems to be a certain type of person who exists to attack the inflatables in an overzealous manner. I could do without those people. It reminds me of being in the primary school playground surrounded by youngsters running erratically and my fear that I could be knocked to the floor on the hard concrete at any moment. Of course when you are running through a bouncy castle the hard concrete is less of a concern. That said, the ground is far from stable and as I found when Fern landed on my leg at Gung Ho that over enthusiasm and wobbly ground can cause damage. Today, I found myself falling over whenever Fern got close to me on the inflatables, admittedly my balance is not the best but there is also a slight weight difference between the two of us which Fern suggests projected me to the floor like a catapult.

The morning after Gung Ho last time out I could not walk for a sizable chunk of the day so I adopted a power walk approach. I wasn’t alone. As Fern pointed out there were far more ‘fun runners’ than at our two previous 5ks. We may have been taking a rather ‘leisurely stroll’ but Fern and I were still out of the house for the day, getting fresh air and being active. Compared to Gung Ho, the inflatables were less daunting to tackle. However, there are certain things (like space hopping from one area of a field to another) I will not do. I imagined myself to be bouncing up and down on the spot for hours instead of travelling the required distance. Mentally cringing and slightly embarrassed, I sidestepped the hoppers.

The novelty has worn off inflatable obstacle courses now – but not 5ks or coloured cornstarch. Fern and I have a colour run on Saturday 1st July and I’m looking forward to one day completing one of the glow runs at night. The challenge ahead is to improve our fitness so we can give a better account of ourselves on the way round. I am beginning to realise that the environment I am running in can have a huge impact on how I feel about my journey around each course. As a football fan, the novelty of the Etihad Campus made the Blue Run 5k feel like a much shorter distance than either Gung Ho or today.

I’ve had fun though. I’m now a double 5k medalist. The Colour Obstacle Rush has been marked in the memory box of both Fern and I by a pink rubber star – what’s not to like? We celebrated with yet more obligatory selfies and by throwing yet more coloured cornstarch into the air. And if anyone is interested my bathwater at the end of the day looked more like lemon squash in contrast to the blue lagoon that resulted from our day at the Etihad.

Written and edited by Kris Bramwell

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