Kris medals in Manchester

The Blue Run, Etihad Campus, Manchester: Sunday 26th March

Today was my first 5k and I got me a medal!

The sun was shining, the birds were tweeting as Fern would say, (although that last part wasn’t necessarily true). It was nice to get to Man City early and soak up the atmosphere. We announced ourselves as two of the club’s new signings once we’d got our t-shirt, taking great care to place our race numbers on the back like proper footballers.

We even took part in the pre-run warm up. Waving my arms about is not something I find particularly dignified and any action requiring some rhythm is a challenge, but jogging on the spot is fine. The music being blared out of the rather impressive PA system was getting everyone in the mood, including me. I even got my face painted. I saw someone with bright blue lips and thought they looked rather impressive so why not!

Fern and I had planned to stay together during the run but a miscommunication saw me go out in front. On my solitary adventure I saw a mix of people taking part. There were heavily disabled people using their zimmer frames to get by slowly. They always had someone at their side providing support. There was more support in the form of parents encouraging their chubby children to run just that little bit further. And also families just out for a stroll.

I’d barely got going it seemed and there were runners on their way back already. The various points of interest made the run so much fun and a really pleasant experience – the points where they’d throw blue powder over you I slowed down for as I wanted to be as blue as possible. On the way round I took in the variety of stands, building entrances and training pitches which were scattered along the campus route. The facilities on site purely for the Academy players are quite something.

I hear someone shouting my name behind me, whilst I’d slowed down to admire my surroundings and take on water Fern had crept up and was now in earshot. We continued our run together including taking some selfies on the bridge overlooking the Etihad Stadium itself.


Blue in the face: Fern and Kris in front of the Etihad Stadium

I have to be honest, my 5k on the treadmill in the gym seems a lot longer than the run today. There was some confusion in my head as I finish if indeed I’d finished at all. Yes, I’d seen people clapping and cheering me on what I thought was the home stretch, but there was no finishing line, and certainly no sign of my medal. I turned round and Fern had a medal. Where was my medal?

I did get a medal in the end and all was well. I particularly enjoyed walking through Birmingham New Street on the way home. The looks I got from people made me smile and laugh. Looking in the mirror when we got inside, I have to say my hair and lips looked amazing.  And my bath looked like the blue lagoon.

Thank you very first Man City Blue Run. Thank you for my medal.

Written and edited by Kris Bramwell

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